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Sunday, 27 September 2015

It’s going to be a rare and magical BLOOD moon SUPER moon

TONIGHT  - perfect for making wishes! 
Learn the Full Moon WISHING PRAYER
The prayer helps you to ask for all that you 
may be wishing for at this this time.
These two events, which haven't happened together for approx 30 years 
will happen late on Sunday 27 September,
and in the early hours of Monday 28 September.
 1. The SUPER moon can be seen from this evening - all night. 
A Super moon is when the moon is closest to the Earth, 
so it will appear bigger and brighter to us all.
2. The BLOOD moon will be caused by a lunar eclipse. 
The moon will start going into partial eclipse at 12.07am GMT.
 The lunar eclipse will then become TOTAL from 1.11am until 2.23am. 
The eclipse will then end entirely at 4.27am GMT
󾀔During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes directly 
behind Earth into our planet's shadow, which only happen
s when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in complete alignment. 
Then as the light bends around our planet on its way from the sun,
 it will turn it red, and the bloody colour of the moon gives it its name. 
The degree of colour will depend on the dust in the atmosphere.

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