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The Card of the Day ...... will be chosen at random daily by myself from any one of a number of packs of Angel Cards. It could be from a Diana Cooper deck, a Doreen Virtue deck, or from my own "Pocketful of Angels" cards. I hope the cards help you,
Mary Jac xx

I am obliged to say by law that Angel Cards are for entertainment purposes only.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday 5th April Card of the Day

Emotional Release
Allow yourself to release all those emotions that you have kept locked away.
If tears of sorrow, hurt or anger need to flow, then let them.
If you want to pour your heart out to the Angels, they are listening, too.
All they want is for you to rediscover your inner serenity and peace of mind and want to assist you with your emotional cleansing, as they know you will feel so much better once you have aired those hidden feelings.
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